Why You Should Wash Your Car Regularly

Many people wash their cars simply because they want them to look good. It’s true that a thorough car wash will result in plenty of sparkle and shine, but there are many practical reasons to wash your car regularly. Aesthetics aside, frequent washing will extend the longevity of a car’s paint and help maximize a vehicle’s value. Here are the reasons why our Pit Stop LV team thinks that you should wash your car regularly, as well as tips on keeping your vehicle looking its best.

Protecting the Clear Coat is Vital

Most cars feature paint with a final layer called a clear coat. The finishing touch of a modern vehicle paint job, the clear coat is a colorless layer that adds shine and provides protection to the underlying paint layers. The clear coat also shields paint from ultraviolet light, which causes colors to fade.

In Nevada, there are several elements that will damage a car’s clear coat. Dirt, rain, bird droppings, splattered insects, tree sap, sunlight, and more assault your car’s paint. They introduce impurities that will damage and introduce oxidation to a clear coat. Without regular washing, these elements will chip away at a clear coat, resulting in a car that has faded color and lower value.

How Often Should I Wash My Car?

Optimal car-wash frequency depends on many factors. Weekly or biweekly washing is the best way to maintain your car’s looks and optimize its value, depending on your environment and driving habits.

You should wash your car weekly if:

  • You usually drive hours per day
  • You mostly park outside in uncovered spaces
  • You often drive on dirt roads

You should wash your car biweekly if:

  • You usually drive minutes per day
  • You mostly park in covered garages
  • You mostly drive on paved roads

Keep in mind that these are very general guidelines. Normal driving patterns can be disrupted, weather can be extreme, and habits can be inconsistent. For most people under most conditions, weekly or biweekly car washes are sufficiently beneficial to maintain a car’s looks and value.

When to Wash Your Car Immediately

Unfortunately, there are times when you should wash your car at your earliest convenience. Nature is often messy and it wreaks havoc on automobile exteriors.

You should wash your car as soon as possible if:

  • Your car has been bombed by bird droppings
  • Your car has been hit by tree sap
  • Your car has been driven during a heavy rainstorm

The first two conditions are particularly worrisome. Bird droppings are acidic and will dissolve a clear coat if left on a car too long. Ideally, bird droppings should be wiped off immediately with a microfiber cloth in order to ensure immediate damage doesn’t occur. Washing at your earliest convenience will eliminate any residual contaminants.

Tree sap should be treated similarly. While not as immediately damaging as bird droppings, tree sap also whittles away a car’s clear coat. Once it hardens, it becomes very difficult to remove without damaging the clear coat. If you notice tree sap on your car then you should gently wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and get your car washed as soon as possible.

Wax: Protecting the Protector

Some people erroneously believe that car wax is primarily for superficial purposes. While it absolutely helps cars achieve a spectacular shine, the protective benefits are why you should strongly consider waxing at least twice a year.

Car wax adds a temporary protective layer on top of the clear coat. It allows light dirt and grime to be effortlessly rinsed away, while making heavier impurities easier to remove. Dreaded contaminants, like the aforementioned bird droppings and tree sap, can be much easier to wipe away after a layer of high-quality wax is properly applied.

Wax excels at preventing sun and rain damage. The sun is the most constant assailant of a car’s clear coat. It provides a layer of protection that helps block harmful ultraviolet rays generated by the sun. As for rain damage, you can literally see the benefit of wax after it rains on your car; wax causes water to bead on your vehicle’s surface instead of sheet. Beaded water stays off of the clear coat and is easier to wipe off.

Similar to washing frequency, the number of times that you should apply wax per year depends on your driving habits. The more you drive, especially in dirty and rainy conditions, then the more you’ll need to reapply wax. For many Nevada drivers, three or four times per year will suffice.

Wash Your Car Frequently For More Beauty and More Value

Some people in Nevada only wash their cars a few times a year or only “when it’s dirty.” This is a big mistake. After all, most people in Nevada use their cars for business and pleasure every day of the week. Products that are used daily, especially ones exposed to the elements, are meant to be washed regularly. Logically, regular car washes should be part of your automotive-maintenance regimen.

Consistently washing your car coupled with waxing a few times a year will leave you with a vehicle that looks spectacular and has maximum resale value. Visit any Pit Stop LV location for an excellent car wash and stop by one of our full-service detailing locations to have car wax applied by our expert technicians.

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