Challenges to Washing Your Car in the Summer

Washing your car in the summer

Washing your car in the summer can be challenging in Las Vegas. A unique set of environmental and elemental conditions combine to make exterior car care difficult. Thankfully, Pit Stop LV is here to help you clean your car safely and optimally during triple-digit weather.

Water Spot Woes

There are three factors that make washing your car in the summer particularly troublesome in Las Vegas.

  • Heat: The average high temperature in Las Vegas from June through August is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Aridity: The average humidity in Las Vegas from June through August is 16.5, 21.1, and 25.6 percent, respectively.
  • Hard Water: At 283 parts per million or 16.5 grains per gallon, Las Vegas water is classified as “very hard.” This means it has a high amount of dissolved minerals.

These three factors make it terribly easy to get water spots. Water spots are nasty stains caused by mineral deposits that tarnish a car’s appearance and can be difficult to remove. (Calcium and magnesium stains are particularly annoying.) The heat and dryness of Las Vegas make the region’s “very hard” water evaporate quickly. If you’re washing your car in the summer and don’t dry it quickly and thoroughly then there’s no avoiding water spots.

To avoid water spots, you should wash your car in small sections and dry them immediately. This prevents water from having the opportunity to evaporate and leave mineral deposits. Washing your car in such a manner can be difficult, especially when it’s over 100F outside.

Pit Stop LV car wash technicians are here to make your car sparkle and shine, and ensure that it’s spot-free.

Washing you car in the summer 100F Pit Stop LV

Beat the Heat

In addition to being a contributing factor to water spots, the high temperatures in Las Vegas also pose a danger to your car’s clear coat. The clear coat is the final layer of a car’s finish that provides shine and protects the underlying layers of paint. Extreme heat makes it soft. There’s a good chance of stripping away clear coat if you’re washing your car in the summer. If the clear coat is stripped away, it’s easy to create scratches and swirls if you’re washing your car with dirty sponges or drying it with rough towels.

To help preserve your car’s clear coat, it’s best to avoid peak heat hours when washing your car in the summer. The hottest time of the day in Las Vegas is normally around 3:00 p.m. Washing your car several hours before or after is ideal. Doing so very early in the morning is optimal.

Pit Stop LV makes washing your car in the summer convenient and safe for your clear coat. Our car washes open at 7:00 a.m., giving you ample time to clean your vehicle before the sun starts beating down.

Washing Your Car in the Summer Takeaways

  • Heat, aridity, and hard water make it extremely easy for your car to get water spots
  • Heat also makes it easy for your car’s clear coat to strip away
  • Avoid washing your car during the hottest times of the day

Pit Stop LV offers a wide variety of car wash service that fit your needs and budget. From basic but effective Express Washes to comprehensive Full-Service Washes, we offer a broad array of car washing services done right. When you get a Pit Stop LV car wash, you can be assured of high-quality service when it comes to washing your in the summer.