Stay Cool in the Summer with PitStop!

Stay Cool in the Summer with PitStop!

You get up from your cool chair in your air-conditioned office at the end of a long day. The sun is still high in the sky as you open your office door- and it’s already 6:00 p.m. You immediately feel the blast of hot, hair-dryer air as you head out to your steamy vehicle. Your car has been parked in the office lot all day, and you notice the sun is still beating down on it.

Just the thought of getting into your hot car makes you extremely uncomfortable, especially after a hot Las Vegas summer day. You know that the air inside your car will be oppressive after baking all day- not to mention the metal on your seatbelt or the vinyl covering your seats.

And, while tourists can usually escape the heat inside cool casinos with a chilled drink in hand, locals must battle the heat outside from Easter to Thanksgiving. However, it is possible to stay cool in the summer in Las Vegas. In fact, PitStop can help by keeping your car pristine, fueled, and ready to go. Additionally, you’ll want to follow these tips to make sure you don’t melt this summer.

Maintain Your Vehicle Year-Round

Before the sweltering summer months hit Las Vegas full force, keep up on the maintenance of your vehicle. Always have your mechanic check your oil levels every six months. Also, have them do a routine check of your tires and the rest of the car. Many potential summer driving dangers can be avoided early on by keeping up with regular maintenance.

Cool Vehicle Additions

There are many great add-ons to consider when planning ahead for a summer in the 110s. First, purchase a sunshade for your windshield. These can completely save your dash from literally melting in the Las Vegas summer heat, and your hands from scalding on your steering wheel.

Next, if you are one of the few Las Vegas drivers without tinted windows, you may want to invest in them. Tinted windows can make your vehicle cooler in the summer months. Just make sure that they are not darker than the legal limit, or you could end up in an entirely different hot seat.

If tinted windows are not an option, make sure to buy some extra sunshades and place them in all of your windows.  

To cool you and your passengers off even faster, look into purchasing cooling seat covers and a portable air conditioning system. Either of these accessories make a nice, temporary addition to your vehicle.

Finally, consider installing remote start capability in your vehicle. That way, your car can have time to cool off on its own before you are ready to drive.

What You Can Do to Stay Out of the Shop

When the heat arrives, keep maintaining your vehicle on your own. This isn’t as difficult as it seems; you don’t need to be a master mechanic to do it! Stay out of the shop by doing the following.

  • Regularly check fluid levels. This includes coolant, motor oil, and windshield washer fluid. Do not check these levels when the engine is still hot.
  • Watch for leaks under your vehicle. Most drips you see will be condensation from your working air conditioner. However, if a leak seems out of place, erratic, or is a bright color (red, green, or blue), notify your mechanic immediately.
  • Check your tire pressure yourself. Many modern cars have automatic tire pressure sensors and will tell you when your air is low. However, these systems can sometimes be out of whack. Therefore, it is important to purchase your own separate tire pressure gauge and check them each manually.
  • Visually check your tires as well. Cracking and dry rot can happen much quicker in the Las Vegas summer heat. The pavement around your tires can easily hit 180 – 190 degrees Fahrenheit. When the air outside your tires is that hot, the air inside them expands. This can cause catastrophic failure in the rubber of your tires.
  • Check your radiator on occasion by opening the hood and looking around for objects that shouldn’t be there. Sometimes, plastics can blow up into your car and block your radiator, causing it to overheat.

By watching for the signs of summer heat trouble, you can avoid going to the shop multiple times this summer and spend more time on the road. While you travel in your cool car, visit PitStop for all your gas station needs.

Prepare for the Heat

During the night in Las Vegas, temperatures drop about 20 degrees. This drop in temp can make your car cool off a bit before you head to work in the morning. When you get there, take steps to prepare your car for the heat of the day. These tips will help your car stay as cool as possible as it sits:

  • Park in a shady spot.
  • If you must park in the sun, angle the front of your car away from it. That way, the back of your car takes the brunt of the heat. Regardless, use your sunshades.
  • Cover vinyl or leather seats with a towel or blanket before leaving your vehicle. The fabric will absorb heat, and your legs won’t get seared when it’s time to leave.
  • Crack the windows just a little to let the air flow out of the vehicle.

By following these tips, you can save your car from paint damage, sun damage, and even melted plastics. Furthermore, when you turn your vehicle back on, it will take much less work for it to cool down again.

Cool Down Faster

Did you know there is a technique to quickly cooling down your vehicle? Follow these steps to quickly make your space comfortable.

  1. Hot air rises. So, crack your windows a tiny bit to let that high hot air escape quickly. Crack open your sunroof too, if you have one.
  2. Turn on your air conditioning.
  3. Set the vents to blow at your feet, and turn vents located higher up to point downwards. The cool air will force the hot air out of your cracked windows even faster.
  4. After the hot air is mostly out, close your windows again and keep your air conditioning on.

By following these four easy steps, you will put much less strain on your engine and air conditioning system.

Summer is Here

During summer, be sure you drink plenty of water, wear loose-fitting, cotton clothing, and place a cool, wet towel on your neck. For the ultimate cool-off, purchase a cool drink or ice cream treat from our PitStop convenience stores. Then, gas up at our pumps for fuel savings, and get a quality car wash before hitting the road.

After you and your car are refueled, head over to a pool, waterpark, movie, museum, or casino for some cooling summer fun. You may also want to head out of the city to Mount Charleston for a completely different climate if you need a quick escape, or head down to go boating on Lake Mead. Ultimately, by following these tips you’ll have a great time beating the Las Vegas summer heat!

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