Six Reasons You Should Wax Your Car

Professional Car Wax Las Vegas

A professional car wax job is a small investment that can have tremendous benefits. Not only does it make your car look amazing, but it also adds a vital layer of protection that can extend the life of your automobile’s paint job and maintain higher resale value.

At Pit Stop LV, our Full-Service Car Wash technicians offer professional car wax service using high-quality Simoniz carnauba wax. Additionally, our Express Wash locations feature various spray-on wax options. Still not sure if waxing is right for you? Then take a look at these six reasons to help you decide why you should consider getting a professional car wax application at Pit Stop LV.

Let it Shine

The most obvious reason for waxing is aesthetic. Anyone can tell the difference between a vehicle that has merely been washed and one that has been given professional car wax treatment. High-quality wax will brighten or deepen the appearance of paint, depending on the color. It will accentuate the sparkles in metallic finishes and add lustrous shine to most colors. Wax can make a car’s surface look astonishingly glossy and slick. In short, wax can make a vehicle look gorgeous.

Protection Against Sun Damage

The sun is the most constant assailant of an automobile’s finish. Its ultraviolet rays wear down a car’s clear coat and color layers, making it duller over time. Solar rays also “bake” other contaminants, such as bird droppings, tree sap, and grime. If left out in the sun too long, those unpleasantries become exponentially harder to remove and can cause permanent damage to paint.

Professional car wax adds an extra layer of protection between your car’s clear coat and solar rays. It will stave off harmful UV rays and ward off sun damage.

Easier to Wash

One convenient effect of professional car wax is that it makes vehicles easier to wash. It’s a little known fact that everyday dirt and grime can seep into a car’s paint; it doesn’t just stay on the surface. The protective layer added by wax helps prevent dirt from sticking and penetrating the paint. It also makes the dirt easier to remove. That doesn’t mean that you should let dirt accumulate though. While wax will help you go longer in between washes, it’s important to wash your car regularly.

Six Reasons You Should Wax Your Car

Protection Against Water Spots

Water spots are stains left by dissolved minerals in water. The hot weather, dry climate, and “very hard” water of Nevada make water spots very common. They’ll show up on your car after it rains or if you haven’t thoroughly dried your vehicle after washing.

Professional car wax helps prevent water-spot damage in two ways. First, the protective layer causes water to bead, making it easier to remove from your car, whether you’re drying it off with a microfiber towel or simply driving. Should things get to a point where water spots occur, they’ll initially stay on the wax layer and not the paint, giving you adequate time to remove them.

Protection From Contaminants

There are all sorts of substances that can ruin a car’s paint. Bird droppings have uric acid. Squashed bugs have amino acid. Rainwater, particularly in large cities and industrial areas, can be very acidic. Road salt, tar, tree sap, brake dust from other vehicles, and many other things can harm your automobile’s paint.

The protective layer added by professional car wax helps prevent damage caused by those substances. If your car is stained by any of the aforementioned contaminants, it’s best to wash it off straight away. If you don’t immediately have the time to wash your car then wax could be the only thing preventing lasting paint damage.

Hiding Light Scratches

Professional car wax can hide light scratches on a car’s finish. It can fill in enough space to make modest scratches difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye. Naturally, it can’t be used to cover up deep scratches and heavy swirl marks, but minimal scratching it’s a great cover-up.

Pit Stop LV Professional Car Wax

There are two types of waxes offered by Pit Stop LV. At our Express Wash locations, spray-on wax is offered. This is mostly for cosmetic purposes. Spray-on wax offers great shine, but minimal protection.

For an outstanding combination of dazzling looks and comprehensive protection, our Full-Service Car Wash locations offer Simoniz carnauba wax. This type of car wax offers shine and protection that can last for months. To guard your car’s paint and to keep it looking brilliant, Pit Stop LV recommends hand waxing three to four times a year.

You can get spray-on wax at any Pit Stop LV Express Wash location and professionally applied hand wax at our Full-Service Wash locations.

Questions? Please contact us directly to learn more about the different car waxing services we offer.