Detail Your Car

Pit Stop Full-Service Auto Detailing

For deep cleaning that goes beyond our full-service washes, Pit Stop LV offers a wide array of detailing services. From restoring your car’s shine and protecting its finish with expertly applied wax to revitalizing the interior through meticulous care, our technicians will have every inch of your car looking showroom new.

Detailing packages can be tailored to your budget and your car’s specific needs. Giving your car a Pit Stop LV auto detail will make it dazzle like never before.

Where Can I Get a Full-Service Car Detail?

Pit Stop LV offers full-service auto detailing and car washes at these two locations:

Bison Pit Stop-Chevron-Paseo Verde/Stephanie – 1420 Paseo Verde, Henderson, NV 89012

Panther Pit Stop-Chevron-Cactus/Dean Martin – 3250 Cactus Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89141

Appointments for auto detailing are recommended.


For questions about our full-service detailing options or to receive a quote on detailing services customized to your needs, please contact one of the locations listed above. If you have questions about other Pit Stop services, please browse through the other pages on our website for more information. We are also looking for friendly, dependable people to join our Pit Stop team! Check out our careers page to get on the Pit Stop path.