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Six Reasons You Should Wax Your Car

Professional Car Wax Las Vegas

A professional car wax job is a small investment that can have tremendous benefits. Not only does it make your car look amazing, but it also adds a vital layer of protection that can extend the life of your automobile’s paint job and maintain higher resale value.

At Pit Stop LV, our Full-Service Car Wash technicians offer professional car wax service using high-quality Simoniz carnauba wax. Additionally, our Express Wash locations feature various spray-on wax options. Still not sure if waxing is right for you? Then take a look at these six reasons to help you decide why you should consider getting a professional car wax application at Pit Stop LV.

Let it Shine

The most obvious reason for waxing is aesthetic. Anyone can tell the difference between a vehicle that has merely been washed and one that has been given professional car wax treatment. High-quality wax will brighten or deepen the appearance of paint, depending on the color. It will accentuate the sparkles in metallic finishes and add lustrous shine to most colors. Wax can make a car’s surface look astonishingly glossy and slick. In short, wax can make a vehicle look gorgeous.

Protection Against Sun Damage

The sun is the most constant assailant of an automobile’s finish. Its ultraviolet rays wear down a car’s clear coat and color layers, making it duller over time. Solar rays also “bake” other contaminants, such as bird droppings, tree sap, and grime. If left out in the sun too long, those unpleasantries become exponentially harder to remove and can cause permanent damage to paint.

Professional car wax adds an extra layer of protection between your car’s clear coat and solar rays. It will stave off harmful UV rays and ward off sun damage.

Easier to Wash

One convenient effect of professional car wax is that it makes vehicles easier to wash. It’s a little known fact that everyday dirt and grime can seep into a car’s paint; it doesn’t just stay on the surface. The protective layer added by wax helps prevent dirt from sticking and penetrating the paint. It also makes the dirt easier to remove. That doesn’t mean that you should let dirt accumulate though. While wax will help you go longer in between washes, it’s important to wash your car regularly.

Six Reasons You Should Wax Your Car

Protection Against Water Spots

Water spots are stains left by dissolved minerals in water. The hot weather, dry climate, and “very hard” water of Nevada make water spots very common. They’ll show up on your car after it rains or if you haven’t thoroughly dried your vehicle after washing.

Professional car wax helps prevent water-spot damage in two ways. First, the protective layer causes water to bead, making it easier to remove from your car, whether you’re drying it off with a microfiber towel or simply driving. Should things get to a point where water spots occur, they’ll initially stay on the wax layer and not the paint, giving you adequate time to remove them.

Protection From Contaminants

There are all sorts of substances that can ruin a car’s paint. Bird droppings have uric acid. Squashed bugs have amino acid. Rainwater, particularly in large cities and industrial areas, can be very acidic. Road salt, tar, tree sap, brake dust from other vehicles, and many other things can harm your automobile’s paint.

The protective layer added by professional car wax helps prevent damage caused by those substances. If your car is stained by any of the aforementioned contaminants, it’s best to wash it off straight away. If you don’t immediately have the time to wash your car then wax could be the only thing preventing lasting paint damage.

Hiding Light Scratches

Professional car wax can hide light scratches on a car’s finish. It can fill in enough space to make modest scratches difficult or impossible to see with the naked eye. Naturally, it can’t be used to cover up deep scratches and heavy swirl marks, but minimal scratching it’s a great cover-up.

Pit Stop LV Professional Car Wax

There are two types of waxes offered by Pit Stop LV. At our Express Wash locations, spray-on wax is offered. This is mostly for cosmetic purposes. Spray-on wax offers great shine, but minimal protection.

For an outstanding combination of dazzling looks and comprehensive protection, our Full-Service Car Wash locations offer Simoniz carnauba wax. This type of car wax offers shine and protection that can last for months. To guard your car’s paint and to keep it looking brilliant, Pit Stop LV recommends hand waxing three to four times a year.

You can get spray-on wax at any Pit Stop LV Express Wash location and professionally applied hand wax at our Full-Service Wash locations.

Questions? Please contact us directly to learn more about the different car waxing services we offer.

Challenges to Washing Your Car in the Summer

Washing your car in the summer

Washing your car in the summer can be challenging in Las Vegas. A unique set of environmental and elemental conditions combine to make exterior car care difficult. Thankfully, Pit Stop LV is here to help you clean your car safely and optimally during triple-digit weather.

Water Spot Woes

There are three factors that make washing your car in the summer particularly troublesome in Las Vegas.

  • Heat: The average high temperature in Las Vegas from June through August is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Aridity: The average humidity in Las Vegas from June through August is 16.5, 21.1, and 25.6 percent, respectively.
  • Hard Water: At 283 parts per million or 16.5 grains per gallon, Las Vegas water is classified as “very hard.” This means it has a high amount of dissolved minerals.

These three factors make it terribly easy to get water spots. Water spots are nasty stains caused by mineral deposits that tarnish a car’s appearance and can be difficult to remove. (Calcium and magnesium stains are particularly annoying.) The heat and dryness of Las Vegas make the region’s “very hard” water evaporate quickly. If you’re washing your car in the summer and don’t dry it quickly and thoroughly then there’s no avoiding water spots.

To avoid water spots, you should wash your car in small sections and dry them immediately. This prevents water from having the opportunity to evaporate and leave mineral deposits. Washing your car in such a manner can be difficult, especially when it’s over 100F outside.

Pit Stop LV car wash technicians are here to make your car sparkle and shine, and ensure that it’s spot-free.

Washing you car in the summer 100F Pit Stop LV

Beat the Heat

In addition to being a contributing factor to water spots, the high temperatures in Las Vegas also pose a danger to your car’s clear coat. The clear coat is the final layer of a car’s finish that provides shine and protects the underlying layers of paint. Extreme heat makes it soft. There’s a good chance of stripping away clear coat if you’re washing your car in the summer. If the clear coat is stripped away, it’s easy to create scratches and swirls if you’re washing your car with dirty sponges or drying it with rough towels.

To help preserve your car’s clear coat, it’s best to avoid peak heat hours when washing your car in the summer. The hottest time of the day in Las Vegas is normally around 3:00 p.m. Washing your car several hours before or after is ideal. Doing so very early in the morning is optimal.

Pit Stop LV makes washing your car in the summer convenient and safe for your clear coat. Our car washes open at 7:00 a.m., giving you ample time to clean your vehicle before the sun starts beating down.

Washing Your Car in the Summer Takeaways

  • Heat, aridity, and hard water make it extremely easy for your car to get water spots
  • Heat also makes it easy for your car’s clear coat to strip away
  • Avoid washing your car during the hottest times of the day

Pit Stop LV offers a wide variety of car wash service that fit your needs and budget. From basic but effective Express Washes to comprehensive Full-Service Washes, we offer a broad array of car washing services done right. When you get a Pit Stop LV car wash, you can be assured of high-quality service when it comes to washing your in the summer.

Why You Should Wash Your Car Regularly

Many people wash their cars simply because they want them to look good. It’s true that a thorough car wash will result in plenty of sparkle and shine, but there are many practical reasons to wash your car regularly. Aesthetics aside, frequent washing will extend the longevity of a car’s paint and help maximize a vehicle’s value. Here are the reasons why our Pit Stop LV team thinks that you should wash your car regularly, as well as tips on keeping your vehicle looking its best.

Protecting the Clear Coat is Vital

Most cars feature paint with a final layer called a clear coat. The finishing touch of a modern vehicle paint job, the clear coat is a colorless layer that adds shine and provides protection to the underlying paint layers. The clear coat also shields paint from ultraviolet light, which causes colors to fade.

In Nevada, there are several elements that will damage a car’s clear coat. Dirt, rain, bird droppings, splattered insects, tree sap, sunlight, and more assault your car’s paint. They introduce impurities that will damage and introduce oxidation to a clear coat. Without regular washing, these elements will chip away at a clear coat, resulting in a car that has faded color and lower value.

How Often Should I Wash My Car?

Optimal car-wash frequency depends on many factors. Weekly or biweekly washing is the best way to maintain your car’s looks and optimize its value, depending on your environment and driving habits.

You should wash your car weekly if:

  • You usually drive hours per day
  • You mostly park outside in uncovered spaces
  • You often drive on dirt roads

You should wash your car biweekly if:

  • You usually drive minutes per day
  • You mostly park in covered garages
  • You mostly drive on paved roads

Keep in mind that these are very general guidelines. Normal driving patterns can be disrupted, weather can be extreme, and habits can be inconsistent. For most people under most conditions, weekly or biweekly car washes are sufficiently beneficial to maintain a car’s looks and value.

When to Wash Your Car Immediately

Unfortunately, there are times when you should wash your car at your earliest convenience. Nature is often messy and it wreaks havoc on automobile exteriors.

You should wash your car as soon as possible if:

  • Your car has been bombed by bird droppings
  • Your car has been hit by tree sap
  • Your car has been driven during a heavy rainstorm

The first two conditions are particularly worrisome. Bird droppings are acidic and will dissolve a clear coat if left on a car too long. Ideally, bird droppings should be wiped off immediately with a microfiber cloth in order to ensure immediate damage doesn’t occur. Washing at your earliest convenience will eliminate any residual contaminants.

Tree sap should be treated similarly. While not as immediately damaging as bird droppings, tree sap also whittles away a car’s clear coat. Once it hardens, it becomes very difficult to remove without damaging the clear coat. If you notice tree sap on your car then you should gently wipe it off with a microfiber cloth and get your car washed as soon as possible.

Wax: Protecting the Protector

Some people erroneously believe that car wax is primarily for superficial purposes. While it absolutely helps cars achieve a spectacular shine, the protective benefits are why you should strongly consider waxing at least twice a year.

Car wax adds a temporary protective layer on top of the clear coat. It allows light dirt and grime to be effortlessly rinsed away, while making heavier impurities easier to remove. Dreaded contaminants, like the aforementioned bird droppings and tree sap, can be much easier to wipe away after a layer of high-quality wax is properly applied.

Wax excels at preventing sun and rain damage. The sun is the most constant assailant of a car’s clear coat. It provides a layer of protection that helps block harmful ultraviolet rays generated by the sun. As for rain damage, you can literally see the benefit of wax after it rains on your car; wax causes water to bead on your vehicle’s surface instead of sheet. Beaded water stays off of the clear coat and is easier to wipe off.

Similar to washing frequency, the number of times that you should apply wax per year depends on your driving habits. The more you drive, especially in dirty and rainy conditions, then the more you’ll need to reapply wax. For many Nevada drivers, three or four times per year will suffice.

Wash Your Car Frequently For More Beauty and More Value

Some people in Nevada only wash their cars a few times a year or only “when it’s dirty.” This is a big mistake. After all, most people in Nevada use their cars for business and pleasure every day of the week. Products that are used daily, especially ones exposed to the elements, are meant to be washed regularly. Logically, regular car washes should be part of your automotive-maintenance regimen.

Consistently washing your car coupled with waxing a few times a year will leave you with a vehicle that looks spectacular and has maximum resale value. Visit any Pit Stop LV location for an excellent car wash and stop by one of our full-service detailing locations to have car wax applied by our expert technicians.

You can also contact us online, or by calling 702-835-0958.