7 Gas Saving Tips for Las Vegas Drivers

7 Gas Saving Tips for Las Vegas Drivers

Depending on work, school, and other obligations – Las Vegas drivers may spend a lot or a little bit of time on the road. Those driving distance differences can add up to multiple visits to a local gas station. Luckily for you, Pit Stop LV has seven convenient locations throughout the Valley. And even though we love to see our repeat customers, we also understand that you may feel the need to cut back on your visits.

We’ve put together a few gas saving tips for Las Vegas drivers. That way you can save some money at the pump and have extra to get your car washed and/or to buy a snack. (We wouldn’t want you driving around Vegas while hangry!)

Increase the Pressure  

As drivers, we tend to prefer a low-pressure commute as we zip around town. However, your car’s engine does not do so well when your tire pressure is too low. In fact, low tires make your engine work harder, which in turn reduces fuel economy.  

You can offset this negative impact by checking your tires frequently to ensure:

  • Tire pressure is set at manufacturer recommended psi
  • Valve stems are not leaking
  • Nothing has punctured the tire causing air to escape  

Clogged Engines Kill

Have you heard the saying “you only get out what you put in?” Well, it applies to your vehicle too. If you take the time for proper maintenance, you can keep your car from having to work harder. The side benefit is that you not only extend the longevity of your automobile, but you also improve your fuel mileage.

Here are just a few car parts you may want to have checked out if your mileage has started to decrease between refills:

  • Old spark plugs
  • Dirty fuel, oil, air, and transmission filters
  • Faulty oxygen sensor

Additionally, you may want to get your oil changed if it’s been more than 5,000 miles since you last had it done.  

Slow Your Roll

Did you know that gas mileage usually decreases at speeds over 50 mph? It’s true, speeding and sudden accelerations are your ticket to the fast lane of quickly burned gas. In fact, the EPA states that it can actually lower your gas mileage by roughly 10% to 40% in stop-and-go traffic and 15% to 30% at highway speeds.

Here’s an approximated breakdown to help illustrate how speeding can reduce your fuel economy and pocket money:

every 5 mph driven over 50 mph = an additional $0.20 per gallon for gas

By slowing your roll and gradually increasing your speed – instead of flooring the gas pedal to get somewhere faster – you allow your engine to operate more efficiently. Thus, saving fuel and a potentially costly speeding ticket.

Get More for Less

At Pit Stop LV we offer quality Chevron fuel with Techron. We also accept Chevron cards as payment so that cardholders can take advantage of additional .05¢ to .10¢ per gallon fuel discounts.

For Las Vegas drivers who do not have a Chevron card, we’ll let you in on a little secret: if you fill up when it’s cooler outside, you’ll get more bang for your dollar. This is because fuel contracts at lower temps. So even though our summer temps reach triple digits, you may benefit from an early morning or late night fuel refill. We’ll make sure to keep our pump stations brightly lit from dusk to dawn in case you take us up on our tip.    

Shed Some Weight

For every 100 pounds removed from your vehicle, you could see an increase in fuel efficiency up to 2%. As not all vehicles weigh the same, the percentage varies based on the overall weight of your vehicle.

You can help shed some weight by:

  • removing items you don’t use daily (roof ski racks, golf clubs in trunk, etc.)
  • driving around with less fuel in your tank (within reason; see below.)
  • trading your vehicle in for a smaller version  

Don’t Fall Below ¼ Tank

Yes, less fuel in your gas tank means less weight to haul around. However, there are limits to how low you can go.  

For instance, driving around with a near-empty tank of gas puts extra strain on your fuel pump. This strain occurs because the only thing left to pull into the engine is air, debris, and water that accumulates in the tank. These conditions can cause the fuel pump to overheat, clog, and ultimately fail.

After that, you can be stuck with the expense of having to replace the fuel pump assembly or even your catalytic converter. Both repairs would cost you a lot more than the amount to keep your fuel gage above the ¼ mark.

Key takeaway: fill up when you get to a ¼ tank of gas. It could save you a bundle.  

Buddy Up & Seek Alternate Routes

Not only does carpooling with a buddy to run errands, work, and social engagements save fuel, it also gives you a chance to catch up.  However, when carpooling is not an option, seek out alternate routes to avoid heavily backed up roadways.

If you are new to Las Vegas, use a traffic app on your phone prior to heading out to see what direction you should take.

Why? Because getting stuck in a traffic jam sucks away the lifespan of your vehicle and fuel. By braking constantly and accelerating at a slow rate you end up draining your tank faster than you would while driving at a constant speed. Plus, even though you are sitting idle, you still burn fuel.

The Wrap Up

Now that you know a few ways to save gas while driving around Las Vegas, we’d like to invite you to stop by one of our Pit Stop LV gas stations. It’s the best way to see for yourself why we are a one-stop shop for fuel savings, car washes, and more!

You can also contact us online, or by calling 702-835-0958.