2017 Chevrolet Colorado Giveaway

Official Rules

1. 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Giveaway is expected to run from Monday, May 1, 2017 at 12:00 PM through 1:00 PM on October 7, 2017 (“promotion period”). Valid at all Pit Stop Oil Company locations throughout Clark County, NV.

2. Pit Stop Oil Company (“Pit Stop”) will be giving away one (1) 2017 Chevrolet Colorado (“grand prize”) on October 7, 2017. The specific model is selected and purchased by Pit Stop. Promotional material and pictures used to advertise the giveaway may or may not reflect actual model, year, style, description, and/or accessories of vehicle that is given away. Title of vehicle to be transferred from Pit Stop to the winner of the grand prize. Grand prize cannot be substituted for another prize or cash and cannot be transferred to someone other than the grand prize winner.

3. All participants must be 21 years of age or older with a valid Nevada driver’s license to enter contest. Employees of Pit Stop, Golden Route Operations, PepsiCo, Budweiser, Nevada Beverage Company, Findlay Chevrolet and their affiliated entities, as well as immediate family members or anyone residing in the same household of said employee, are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

4. During the promotion period, there will be 5 monthly drawings, scheduled to take place on May 31st, June 30th, July 31st, August 31st, and September 30th 2017 in which one participant from each Pit Stop location will be randomly chosen to be added into a October 2, 2017 semi-final drawing scheduled to begin at 12:00 PM / noon. After each drawing, other entries not chosen will be discarded and participation in the contest will re-set for the following drawing until the last drawing on September 30th, 2017. At the October 2, 2017 semi-final drawing, a single finalist will be randomly drawn from each Pit Stop store location. Semi-finalist participants do not need to be present to be entered into the final drawing. Each of the finalists will be entered into the final drawing for the grand prize on September 8, 2017 from 12:00 PM / noon to 1:00 PM at a Pit Stop location to be designated during the promotion. Finalists must be present at the final drawing to win the grand prize. Finalists will need to present a valid drivers license by 11:00 AM on October 7, 2017 to verify proof of identity and attendance. Otherwise, the participant will be disqualified from the final drawing. Finalists will pick a key out of a box or drum and test the key to see if it fits and starts the car. The order in which keys are chosen will be determined by a random drawing out of a box or drum at 11:30 AM. The holder of the key that turns on the car engine is the grand prize winner.

5. In order to be entered into the monthly contest, participants may make entries by:

  • Submit a Pit Stop receipt or punch card showing 10 recorded washes. Loyalty cards may be obtained at any Pit Stop location. There is no limit to the number of these entries that can be earned throughout the promotion period.

And / Or

  • Submit a Pit Stop slot machine loyalty card with 2 four-of-a-kind poker hits or better with a minimum quarter max bet. Obtaining slot machine loyalty cards requires enrollment in Victory Lane loyalty cards, which may be obtained at any Pit Stop location. There is no limit to the number of these entries that can be earned throughout the promotion period.

Purchase is not necessary to enter. Participants may write “2017 Chevrolet Colorado Giveaway” with name, age, phone number, home street address and email address on a postcard and mail to 7912 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89141. Postcards will be submitted randomly to one of the location drawings. Limit 1 postcard per person per month. If entrant sends more than one submission in a month, then all submissions are negated.

6. The grand prize must be claimed in person. The name and picture on the entry must reasonably match the name and picture on the winner’s photo ID. Spouses, family members or friends are not eligible to pick up the prize on behalf of a finalist. Only the winner can claim the prize. The winner must present their driver’s license, proof of car insurance, a valid social security number, and complete all necessary forms (i.e., W-9, award form, etc.) in order to receive the grand prize. If the winner does not produce evidence of these documents within 48 hours, the grand prize may be forfeited and a new drawing may be conducted by Pit Stop Management. Any taxes or fees resulting from prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner.

7. The grand prize winner is responsible for all state and federal taxes or other penalties incurred from winnings and will be subject to a W2-G or 1099, if applicable.

8. All winners consent to the use of their name, photographs or any likeness for promotion by Pit Stop and any of their affiliates, including but not limited to: internet, radio, television, mailers, flyers, and in-house advertising.

9. Pit Stop Oil Company reserves the right to cancel or modify this and any promotion at any time without notice.

10. Pit Stop Oil Company is not responsible for any problems, injuries or hardships incurred as a result of participating in this promotion. Participants agree to hold harmless Pit Stop, or any affiliated sponsors, or their respective officers, directors, employees or vendors, for any claim or cause arising out of participation in the contest, including but not limited to injury to person or damage to vehicles/property.

11. Any dispute or situation not covered by these official rules will be resolved by Management of Pit Stop. Entrants agree to handle all disputes, claims or controversies arising out of the contest through mediation, and if the mediation is not successful, through binding arbitration before initiating a civil lawsuit in a court or general jurisdiction. By participating in this promotion, entrant agrees that all decisions by Management or the Gaming Control Board are final and binding pursuant to NRS 463.362.



Apple is not a sponsor and is in no way affiliated with this contest